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I am a Leftist Democrat
September 24, 2009, 7:20 am
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I am a Democrat, one of those bleeding heart liberals.  I am a very leftist Democrat.  I hope for single payer health care someday,  definitely a good strong public option in this health care reform that our legislators are  fighting over.  I fear for our country.  The Conservatives are being sheepherded by the right radical Fundamentalist Christian groups that  believe the earth is 6000 years old,  that birth control is sinful, good public health care is making people into slaves of the government, that Obama wants to set up an indoctrination camp for our young people, etc.  They have called Obama a Faschist, a Socialist, etc.   There is an economic ruler that one is judged by whether a Faschist or a Communist, etc.  Where Communist would be a 1,  and Faschism would be a 10 (that’s really Far right wing).  Democrat would be perhaps a 4 and Republican would be perhaps a 7.  Socialist is down there on the left at about 3.  So how can one be both a Socialist AND a Faschist?  I will agree that any extreme is horrible and we should stay away from extremes.  But Pres. Obama is pretty much a Centrist,  between Democrat and Republican. 

However,  the radical right wing Fundamentalist Christians are not much different than the radical right wing Fundamentalist Muslims.  We can call them all Taliban.


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Lies! Lies! Lies! The earth is 5770 years old and God created it on September 19 around 9:30 in the morning after his coffee and bagel. He wanted some lox for his bagel.

Comment by Ben Hoffman

Listen Smarty Britches. I hear that black dude is sendin subliminal messages to the kids on the TV. You want your grandkids to be N-lovin fools. He is just like Hitler and wants to darken the whole country. Probly got black folks DNA in little vials under the desert…Just kidding Mother. Cute pet photos. Love you, Jenny (I’m switching to this email address because I’m getting way too much spam in Yahoo. I’ll get all my contacts in there and then send everyone an email at the same time.)

Comment by S Brown

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