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September 24, 2009, 6:31 am
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Hello,  I was always admiring other people’s blogs,  commenting back to them.  But I was nervous about blogging for myself.  I couldn’t decide how private to make a blog,  or what I would talk about.  I’ll get better as I go. 

I am 57 years old,  a nurse, divorced with two grown children and three grandchildren.  I work in a long term care facility ( nice words for a nursing home).  I take good care of my people and I am proud of that.  They trust me,  enjoy it when I am at work,  and are very loving and pleasant.   I used to work agency, and would work nursing homes, hospitals, rehab, etc.  While I liked the money,  I don’t like always going to work,  getting report on several people I do not know,  and having to take care of them.  By the end of the shift,  I know them fairly well, and I enjoy them.  But then the next day……the same thing all over again.  I enjoy working long term care, because I know them very well, know what they like, and how they like things.


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