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September 24, 2009, 7:01 am
Filed under: Pets

I have two dogs and one cat.  One dog is a big hefty Labrador, Abbie.  Abbie was an abused rescue dog from several hundred miles away.  My daughter was visiting there and called me up to say that she had a good dog that needed a good home, and that she had been abused by her previous owners.  So I told her, “Sure, bring her down, as long as she is good around cats.”  She was raised with several cats,  and has a healthy respect for cats’ claws.  lol.



When I first got her,  if I took hold of her collar to show her where I wanted her to follow,  she would throw herself over backwards and crawl away.  She was headshy,  and would cringe when you came near.  Three months later,  she has blossomed.  We have our routine and  she does very well now.  She gets nervous when people are loud speaking,  but she is a totally different dog.  She is and probably always will be food aggressive.  I feed her separately from my other dog and if she gets a snack both dogs get it at the same time.  If I put her in the basement to feed her,  she will not look at or eat her food until I close the door.  She will not eat her dog food when people are around.  I wonder how they screwed her up about food like that!


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