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September 24, 2009, 7:47 am
Filed under: Pets

I have to be fair here.  Can’t talk about Abbie and not brag about my other pets.  Last year I had my big chocolate lab put down.  He was old,  became unable to walk and I took him for his last ride.    I waited quite awhile (well,  six months anyway) before I got another dog.  And I decided to get a puppy.  I had forgotten what it was like with a puppy,  forgot how they chew, pee, poop and eat.  LOL.  Well, I remembered right away that first night I was standing out in the backyard, shivering, in the dark hoping little puppy Max would go. 

He’s growing up.  He’s a shih tzu/bichon hybrid.  He was supposed to be about 12 pounds when he was all grown up.  And he’s now 8 months old and he’s 18 pounds.  But I love every pound of him.  He’s actually built like a small hog.  haha.  His back is long,  it curves down to his hocks like a small pig does.  Except Max is covered with a huge amount of white and buff colored hair. 



He doesn’t look spoiled, does he?  Nah, I didn’t think so.   Anyway,  he is having one episode of “running into the bedroom and sneaking out a poop” about once a month now.  He’s doing very well.  And he NEVER pees anywhere anymore.  He is a happy fellow, loves everybody and everything.  He’s a little shy, but when he knows you,  he likes you.    Abbie and Max will play in the backyard and Abbie cannot catch him!  he’s fast, and turns on a dime.  Abbie can’t turn as fast and she chases after him for hours.  Its good exercise for both of them.  Its really cute to watch them.


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