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Pet Peeve
September 24, 2009, 10:32 am
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I have a lot of them.  I’ll eventually add them all to my bio.  Ranging from road rage in 3/4 ton pickups with a big dog in the back, to who never empties their trash at work. 

One pet peeve I have is people who use Religion to base their moralistic ideals on when debating anything from Kosher eating to marriage equality.  And you just can’t get them to discuss anything without using religion as the basis for their answers.  I have asked people to puhleeez debate a subject using no religion, no Bible verses, no Church sermons.  And they just cannot do it.

For example,  I believe in marriage equality for everyone in this country.  The rights of the minority sometimes have to be protected from the majority that thinks they rule this country.  Leaving their religion out of it,  they cannot answer subjectively any questions about why they do not accept marriage equality.  Yet they continue to go back to “God’s will”, and “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”  (give me a break).  They truly believe that because THEY say the Bible agrees with them,  that of course,  we all should concede and agree .  Where in the New Testament, where Jesus supposedly walked and talked does it say women must marry man and man must marry woman?  It doesn’t. 

Of course,  in their Religious zeal,  they quote the Old Testament,  yet they continue to eat pork,  play football with a pigskin, etc. 

Religion is important to a lot of people.  I think of myself as a spiritual person,  not necessarily believing in a bearded man on a throne.  But even I, as a spiritual person do not force my beliefs on others.  And I definitely think that we should live and let live,  and not force our beliefs on anyone else.  We cannot change anyone else,  and we do not want anyone else pushing their Religion on us.   Life is too short.  We need to live and love and  enjoy this world.


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