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September 27, 2009, 8:37 pm
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My daughter calls her “Psychokitty”  because every time she picks her up,  Psychokitty tries to bite her.  She does appear a bit standoffish to people she doesn’t see very often,  but when my two oldest grandchildren come to visit, she will always come out and say “hello” to them.  My oldest grandson teases her and she always comes out and wanders around him, hoping, I think, that he will tease her some more. 

Her name is Chloe and she is about 18 months old.  She likes big dogs (was raised around my older dog before he died.).  She doesn’t like little dogs much,  and I think its because Max has picked on her for months now.  However, she keeps coming back for more. 

If I’m on the couch watching TV, covered up with a blanket,  she jumps up,  lays down, starts purring,  kneading on my and the blankie, and doesn’t swallow her saliva,  allows it to run out of her mouth and all over the blankie.  Wonder what’s up with that? 

She is an inside cat, never goes outside and is afraid that somehow I am going to grab her and throw her outside, so she runs away from the door when I let the dogs out. 

She was one of four kitties found abandoned and taken to the vet when she was about 4 weeks old.  So she was handfed by the vet and assistants for 4 weeks before I got her.  So she likes to suck on the blankie while she’s kneading and drooling.  lol. 

In the middle of the night, she will come up on the bed and tap, tap, tap.  I lift the covers and she runs under them, and lays down.  She then expects me to rub her from the nose to her tail, over and over again, while she turns side to side and back to tummy, so I rub her all over.  Then when I’ve gotten all sides completely rubbed,  she jumps up and runs away.  I originally put her under the covers, thinking she was cold on winter nights.  But she does it summer and winter and I think she just wants to be petted, but doesn’t want to admit it. 

The big dog is very respectful of her .  She very carefully walks around her, expecting her to jump up and kill her.  The little dog is very pushy and picks at her,  teasing her a lot.  Yet if I save her and remove her,  she jumps back down and he picks on her again.  So I think she secretly loves the attention. 

So I have two dogs and one cat.  And all of them are full of personality and quite eccentric.  Hm, I guess they fit into this family quite well.



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