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No, he should not give it back!!
October 11, 2009, 10:15 pm
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There are a lot of bloggers that are announcing that Pres. Obama should give the Nobel Peace Prize back.  That he should announce that he doesn’t deserve it.  That there are many people more deserving than he is.  No, he should not give it back!!!

The Nobel Peace Prize is not given for great works.  It is not given to someone who has slaved through past years to achieve a great goal.  It is given to someone with an idea for the future that could possibly achieve something wonderful for peace in the world. He received the Nobel Peace Prize because of his speeches everywhere in the world to decrease the amount of atomic weapons,  to eventually have a world free of nuclear weapons.  He advocates for discussion, compromise and understanding between different countries in the world.  He does not advocate moving into a country and trying to change it into a fake United States.  He believes we should be trying to understand other countries and their way of life.  When the campaigning was in full force for the election, Hillary Clinton said he was naive and willing to talk to terrorists. McCain said Obama was going to appease our enemies.  Cheney said Obama was going to make us unsafe. 

I think that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize because the world sees that we have a leader that finally “gets it.”  That we do not need to shoot first and talk later.  We need to talk first and in the words of JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis, (paraphrased here), “We always need to give someone a way out.  Never back them into a corner where they have to fight their way out.”


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Yes, I agree with you absolutely… but not only has he spoken on peace, has he also been tirelessly working on building a foundation for the future and re-organizing America’s values to be inclusive of the world.

Comment by Zulema

I do think though that part of this is just his looking good by comparison to others. Soon we’ll creep up on full year of his first term and still not so much to show for it. I want Bill back.

Comment by S Brown

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