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Dog tails
October 21, 2009, 10:48 am
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My small dog is a “teddy bear” dog.  A hybrid of shih tzu and bichon.  He was supposed to be 12 pounds.  Well, he’s 9 months old and weighs 19 pounds so far.  He’s built like a stocky little hog,  his back curves down into hams and hocks.  lol.  but he’s little.  I have a big labrador female (96 pounds) named Abbie.  Their pix are listed under pets.   Abbie has a cyst growing on the right cheek on her face.  Its hard and loose there,  and the vet is going to remove it soon.  It doesn’t seem to hurt her, and she doesn’t mind if you hold it and move it around.  Well, the little dog, when he wants to control her,  jumps  up and grabs onto that cyst,  pulls her over and forces her to lay down on her side.  Then he cleans out her ears.  Its really kinda funny to watch.  He will spend ten or fifteen minutes cleaning out her ear, and she lays there, loving it.  Then she she gets up,  he runs and dives on her trying to get her to lay down, whereas he begins to clean out her other ear.  Dogs,  they’re weird.



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