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October 24, 2009, 7:05 am
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I remember quite a few years ago,  I was in training to be a nurse in a Colorado prison.  The pay would be good, I would be doing medline, sitting behind unbreakable glass, giving the inmates their pills every day.  So to do this job,  one has to go to 3 months of training–training in “violent patient management” and different laws that we must follow, how to treat the inmates, and what kind of behavior and manipulation tactics an inmate will use.  It was interesting, it was 7-3 five days a week for two months. 

We were all in the gymnasium,  preparing to “violent patient management” each other, bruising each other up so we looked like abuse victims.  One by one,  the teachers of the class were walking around, talking to everyone.  The people they talked to would take off running out of the building.  This was in Canon City, Colorado where DOC offices are located.  It was puzzling to watch this happen, over and over, about six times.  Finally they had us sit up on the bleachers.  They announced, “Anyone live in Littleton?  If you have children in school there,  we need to talk with you privately. ” 

It was Columbine. 

Its funny how one forgets these things, I guess they are filed in long term memory and something stirs a memory and it comes back, as if it were yesterday.  I cannot imagine driving from Canon City to Denver,  fearful that my child may be hurt or dead.


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