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October 30, 2009, 2:38 am
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They have made a big “to do” over the House presenting their health reform bill.  It doesn’t sound too bad.  At least they will get rid of preexisting conditions,  place a cap on out of pocket expenses,  will have no copay for certain tests, such as mammograms, etc.  The public option is not really strong,  but it doesn’t really sound too bad.  They are allowing for negotiation between the public health option and physicians.  So they will not be paying medicare type fees,  they will negotiate between certain areas of the country.  In Iowa,  it just isn’t as expensive as in New York City.  A physician in NYC should not get the same amount of pay for service as a physician in Spencer or Orange City, Iowa, etc. 

This house bill will be examined and reexamined.  Argued over,  fought over, and finally hopefully a compromise will happen.  The part of “No” better turn into compromisers or this will just be a giant fiasco.





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It just seems to me that we really need good public health care (free public health care) starting like they do in the military. Start someplace and keep moving outward. MAYBE have free care for every child and every senior. But in the end I think the goal ought to be state health care without insurance at all. It might sound easier to take steps to change the insurance system but in the end we’ll have to make a bigger change down the road and it’s like ripping off a bandaid as slowly as possible. The real trouble is that corporations getting fat was supposed to benefit everyone and war is supposed to stimulate the economy and it isn’t working that way. The money was supposed to “trickle down” but it never did trickle. If we had that money then the numbers say we could have state health insurance, hands down. But these companies aren’t even made to pay their taxes. They get loopholes that your average person can’t even imagine. In theory we should all benefit with the stock market and so on if these companies make money. In reality it’s more iffy than that. And really if we shake that tree, maybe your average person would be relieved to know that we have answers to the crisis with their social security and eveyone can afford health care and they don’t have to do anything. These fat cats think they can worm their way out of everything. Partly because they donate money when someone runs for office. It’s too bad we can’t say: We’ll give you 5 million for you airfare and all your commercials and that’s really all you should need to debate and make speeches….

Comment by S Brown

I was thinking about this earlier: Part of the trouble is that people (me included) don’t want to sacrifice or go into hoc for a system that doesn’t work in the first place. If you give them more money they’ll mismanage it somehow. It will disappear somewhere, it’s like a national law (ha ha).

We were just asking (off the subject): Do you think Bill still cheats?

Comment by S Brown

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