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Palin refused to shake hands with Oliver Stone
November 16, 2009, 10:17 am
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That shows a major lack of respect for another human being.  She seems to think he is “Anti American” because of his liberal views. (oh Lordy,  I wonder if she’d drag out the garlic and the cross if she met me!).    She didn’t, I would assume,  know that Oliver Stone has a Medal of Honor from the Vietnam War.  He was a hero!  She met him while on the set at SNL,  and walked away, would not even shake his hand and say “hello”.   I believe she is nothing more than a Fundamentalist Right Wing Christian Dominionist Taliban.  Any extremist is dangerous.  I’m just thanking God that she isn’t sitting in the Oval Office with her finger on the button,  thinking that Rapture will occur within her lifetime.


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I think the rapture has already occured and we’re the rejects left behind…her son-in-law has left Bristol and is doing a spread for Playgirl, so she’s upset. Some slack please. I agree completly except that Oliver Stone is kind of a creep too–at least sometimes.

Comment by S Brown

Also I think he won a Bronze star.

Comment by S Brown

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