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New business?
February 5, 2010, 10:44 pm
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I haven’t been on here very often, due to the fact that I’ve been busy working, and also setting up the beginnings of a new business in my little town.  We aren’t planning on making a fortune, (this is a small town, ya know).   A friend and I are planning on opening a home health, home companion, home medical service business.  In these dying small towns in Iowa, and other Midwest states,  the young are moving away.  The children live in Sioux Falls, Des Moines,  Minneapolis, etc.  Their parents are living at home, isolated,  with medical problems, and the next step is the nursing home.  If they had a home health aide or a home maker companion come to their home every day, or a couple of days a week, assist with bathing , or cooking a good meal, or checking blood sugar for insulin, etc.  they could continue to live at home for a longer period of time.  Our town has a hospital based home health, but after a certain period of time,  they discontinue home health.  Then the option for the family is bring Mom to the cities, or visit her several times a week to assist with meal planning, shopping, bathing, medicine dosing for each day, etc.  We can provide with with a human touch/

I have worked for home health before in Colorado.  I was the pager, call the aides to get replacements, etc.  person.  And if I couldn’t find an aide,  I went myself.  Its kind of fun, after being a nurse in a large facility, to go into someone’s home, help them get a bath,  cook them a nice supper, talk to them through the meal about their life and families,  assist  them into their jammies and tuck them in to bed.  Knowing that another aide would come in in the morning to assist again.  I’d throw a load of clothes in the dryer,  put the dishes in the dishwasher, turn it on and leave.  The client is very appreciative, and we make such a difference in their family’s peace of mind.  I know it ‘ll take awhile to get started,  but we are planning on staying small and family oriented.  Any ideas?


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What a great idea! Good luck LeeAnn!

Comment by Frank

That’s awesome!! I wish I was closer, I’d come work for you!! Good luck on your new venture!!

Comment by Kasha

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