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January 21, 2012, 4:23 am
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In my last post,  I had two doggies and my kitty.  About three weeks ago,  my big Lab,  Abby, started having difficulty breathing.  I knew that she had cancer in her neck,  the vet said it didn’t seem to hurt her, so let it go until it hurts her.  It was so intertwined with her muscles, etc. that the vet said they couldn’t get try to get it out.  She was snoring as she walked around,  and she didn’t look comfortable.  so I called the vet and told her that I was bringing her in.  Driving to the vet,  she was struggling to breathe so much,  I kept trying to get her to lay down,  but she wouldn’t.  If she collapsed,  she’d fall on the shift knob or get in the way of the steering wheel.  taking her into the vet’s office,  the vet took one look and said, “bring her in here now.”  I held her head and talked to her,  the vet put the medicine in,  and about 20 seconds,  they helped her to lay down. She was gone that fast.  I sure don’t want to do that again for a long while.  My little dog is 3 years old.  If I get another dog, I hope to get another young one.  Its too hard to take them in for that shot, even if it is for the best.


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