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Spring is finally here!
May 12, 2013, 10:33 am
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I’ve been away and lazy.  The winter weather was horrible,  it was snowing last week,  and cold.  This winter has been miserable.  I haven’t felt good,  the weather was cold,  the snow, then melting caused mud season with the dogs, over and over again.  So glad spring is finally here.


Its Winter!!
January 21, 2012, 4:27 am
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6″ of snow last night and this morning.  -3 deg F. too.  My driveway is plowed,  its nice and warm in the house.  and we have to go out in this weather to go over to my daughter’s house for supper.  but its for green chili burritos,  so I certainly don’t mind.  This is our first real snowfall this year,  January 20, 2012. A very unusual winter so far.  Warm, no snow, occasional rain,  and lots of wind.  this IS NW Iowa.  We usually have winter starting in November, sometimes October.  We need the snow tho.  However, this is almost the end of January and it will begin to turn into spring about mid to late March.  I love it.  I wish it would do this every year.

Still moving.
January 21, 2012, 4:23 am
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In my last post,  I had two doggies and my kitty.  About three weeks ago,  my big Lab,  Abby, started having difficulty breathing.  I knew that she had cancer in her neck,  the vet said it didn’t seem to hurt her, so let it go until it hurts her.  It was so intertwined with her muscles, etc. that the vet said they couldn’t get try to get it out.  She was snoring as she walked around,  and she didn’t look comfortable.  so I called the vet and told her that I was bringing her in.  Driving to the vet,  she was struggling to breathe so much,  I kept trying to get her to lay down,  but she wouldn’t.  If she collapsed,  she’d fall on the shift knob or get in the way of the steering wheel.  taking her into the vet’s office,  the vet took one look and said, “bring her in here now.”  I held her head and talked to her,  the vet put the medicine in,  and about 20 seconds,  they helped her to lay down. She was gone that fast.  I sure don’t want to do that again for a long while.  My little dog is 3 years old.  If I get another dog, I hope to get another young one.  Its too hard to take them in for that shot, even if it is for the best.

Its been awhile.
December 15, 2011, 10:46 am
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Hi there.  I have been absent for quite awhile.  I was reading through my older posts and realized that I complained about the same thing two years ago that I feel the same about now.  I guess its an ongoing thing.

I was terminated from my job two months ago,  and I have filed for social security disability.  I know it will take awhile,  and I will do allright if I’m careful about my finances.  I have to pay for COBRA insurance,  and I am sure hoping that I can get disability within 18 months.

Still have my two doggies and my kitty.  I’m thinking about getting another kitty, but don’t need another dog.  Abby was very sick about two weeks ago.  I thought she was going to have to be put down,  but after taking antibiotics for 14 days,  she seems to be allright.  I imagine she will be here for another year or two at the most.  She’s starting to act old,  and she is getting more gray.  Bye.

I’m back!
June 3, 2011, 4:01 am
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I went to someone’s blog and needed a blog so I chose this one.  While going through my profile I realized that I had not been here in over a year!  What have I been doing this year that caused me to forget  to post here.  I had such big hopes to blog every day and have such wonderful info for everyone.  ah well,  I had good intentions.  Let’s just start over.

This year,  we had a fairly average winter.  We had several big blizzards, leaving a foot or more of snow, closing schools, roads, etc.  Since I work at the hospital, I can get a ride whether by four wheel drive or snowmobile (if its really desperate).  Then I just call them up for a ride home.  they take me home,  while picking up the next group.

I am granddog sitting my daughter’s dog because they got the vacation of a lifetime–a free Disneyworld vacation supplied by my ex, her father.  They are having a wonderful time.  a full week in Orlando.  But they come home tomorrow, and i can detect in their texts that they are all getting pretty exhausted.

Alan Grayson, bless you
October 2, 2009, 3:13 am
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Finally we have someone stating exactly what is going on.  I wrote him an email last night, thanking him.  He may have had a bad choice of words.  But I think its wonderful what he said and the way he said it.   And once I learn how to download video into these blogs, I will do so.  LOL